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Pharmacy Renewal Information

Pharmacy license renewal payments are due June1 of each year, and licenses expire June 30 of each year. Payments must accompany the renewal form and be submitted in the form of a check or money order payable to the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy. Licenses are mailed to the pharmay’s physical address.

Renewal Fees

Renewals cannot be paid online at this time. Renewal applications, supporting documentation, and correct payment must be received as a complete packet by the Board prior to the expiration date to avoid late fees. Any payment received without an application will be returned. All fees are non-refundable. (Please refer to the renewal application for specific fees.)


Download and complete the renewal form linked below. Submit the application with the required documents and payment. Allow 10 business days to process a properly completed renewal application after it has been received. If an application is missing documents, signatures or other requirements, the Board will contact the applicant for additional information or documentation, and processing will be delayed. Once processed, allow 7-10 business days for a new license card to arrive at the facility via USPS.

At any time in the process, the applicant can verify their license status through the Board’s verification portal. The verification link can be found on our home page.

Renewal Application

Pharmacy Renewal Application Form and Instructions

New/Change Applications

Pharmacy License Application

Use this form to apply for a new pharmacy license, to notify the Board of an upcoming relocation, or if your pharmacy has had a change in ownership.  To request a name change, use the Name Change form. If you are a RESIDENT pharmacy and plan to remodel, you must also complete this form and submit it to the Board. (See the “Sterile Compounding Area Remodel Guidance – Pharmacy” in the Guidance Documents on the Board’s website for additional information.) For category changes and closure notifications, see appropriate forms below.


General Information


The Definition of a Pharmacy

A Pharmacy is a place of business in which prescription drugs are prepared, compounded or dispensed by or under the supervision of a pharmacist and from which related clinical pharmacy services are delivered.

Any establishment that falls under this definition needs to be licensed by the state of Minnesota as a pharmacy.
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