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Medical Gas Dispenser*

* In 2020, the Minnesota Legislature amended the statutes to rename “medical gas distributors” as “medical gas dispensers.” The Board will be amending its rules accordingly.

License Renewal

Medical Gas Dispenser Renewals are due November 1 of each year, and licenses expire December 1 of each year. Currently the renewal process is not an online process. All renewal applications must be completed and mailed or delivered to the Board. The address can be found on the application and website. Please note, a facility with a medical gas dispenser registration can only dispense legend medical gas to patients by prescription. Also note that a facility that holds a medical gas manufacturer or wholesaler license can dispense medical gases to patients without needing a separate medical gas dispenser registration.

The renewal fee is $260.00 if submitted before the expiration date of the current registration. Renewal fee plus late fee is $390.00, if the current registration has expired.

Mail the completed renewal form, documents, and payment to: Minnesota Board of Pharmacy, 2829 University Ave. SE, Suite #530, Minneapolis, MN 55414-3251. Check should be payable to the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy. All payments are non-refundable.

Renewal Application (Will be available at another date.) Review all instructions carefully and submit the application, payment, and supporting documents together. The board will return incomplete applications and payments received without applications immediately.

Allow a minimum of 10 business days for the board to process a COMPLETE renewal application. Once processed, allow 7-10 business days for the new registration certificate to arrive at the facility location. If an application is received after the registration expires, the company must submit the additional late fee.


Medical Gas Dispenser Renewal Application (Will be available at another date.)
Application for a New Medical Gas Dispenser Registration
Change of Ownership Form
A change of ownership requires a change of ownership application to be submitted to the Board 30 days prior to the effective date of the change. The application is available on the Board’s website. A new registration is not issued for the change and there is not a fee. The following are some examples of ownership changes that require you to report a change of ownership.
  • Sale to another individual;
  • Incorporation (from sole owner to corporation, from partnership to corporation);
  • Major stock change (if 20% or more of the stock changes hands since the incorporation);
  • Sole owner to partnership;
  • Change from limited liability corporation to corporation;
  • The addition of one or more partners to a partnership; or
  • One partner buying out the other partner.
Registration Closure Form
  • Submit this form 14 days prior the date the facility closes or surrenders their registration to conduct business in the state of Minnesota.
Name Change Form
  • Name changes should be submitted 30 days prior to the change for facilities located in Minnesota. Non-resident facilities must report the name change of the facility on the notification form and include the license/registration issued by the home state regulatory agency showing the new facility name.
Relocation Form
  • A relocation application and required documents must be submitted to the Board 30 days prior the relocation date for facilities located in Minnesota. Non-resident facilities must apply for a new registration after your home state regulatory agency has issued a license/registration, showing the new address, and an inspection has been conducted of the new location. A new registration is issued upon approval, and a fee is charged.

General Information

Laws and Rules Regarding Medical Gas Dispensers:
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