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Continuing Education

Minnesota Administrative Rules - 6800.1500 Continuing Education

Pharmacists - Continuing pharmacy education is a planned learning experience beyond a formal undergraduate degree program designed to promote the continual development of professional knowledge, professional skills, and professional attitudes on the part of the pharmacist and shall include but is not limited to professional postgraduate education in any of the following subjects:
  • properties and actions of drugs and drug dosage forms;
  • etiology, characteristics, and therapeutics of the disease state;
  • pharmacy practice; or
  • legal, psychological, and socioeconomic aspects of health care delivery.

Technicians - Continuing pharmacy technician education is a planned learning experience beyond initial technician training designed to promote the continued development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable a technician to adequately perform the tasks that a technician is allowed to perform under this part.

Continuing Education Providers - Application may be made by an association, corporation, educational institution, organization, or person to be designated as an approved provider on forms provided by the board. The applicant shall provide, at a minimum, information regarding administrative and record keeping procedures used for past programs; a history of the content, methods of delivery, and faculty qualifications for past programs; methods of program needs assessment and development that the applicant has used; and evaluation mechanisms that the applicant has used. The applicant shall agree to maintain records of program content, evaluation summary, and attendance for at least three years following completion of each program. The application must cover the two-year reporting period for which provider approval is sought.

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