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Agent assigned user roles

Once an employer assigns an agent access to their account, the agent can then assign internal staff members' access to certain information and specific tasks related to the employer's account. This process, known as assigning user roles, is a way for agents to manage the access their internal staff have to private information.

Types and Definitions of Roles Available

  • Agent User - View and update access to Agent information and Employer Information as determined by the access given to the Agent by the Employer.
  • System Administrator - Creates users and assigns roles, authority, and account access.

Instructions to Assign User Roles

  1. Log in to your account
  2. On My Home Page, click User Maintenance.
  3. Click Agent User Roles.
  4. Click Search to view a list of current users. Click New to create a new user.
  5. On the Agent User Information page, enter the information required for the user you are creating, including the role or roles you are assigning the user. Be sure to record the password you create for this user.
  6. Click Save. The Agent User Information page now displays the User ID for the user you have created. Be sure to provide the User IDand Password to the appropriate users you have created and keep a record of all User IDs and associated passwords. The System Administrator or Initial User is the only source for this information if a user forgets his/her password. DEED staff will not be able to provide this information.
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