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Data submission methods and file formats

The Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Employer Self-Service System allows employers and agents to manage their account(s) using multiple filing methods. File uploads and downloads allow employers or their agents to manage large data files internally, and submit them online. Wage detail records must be submitted electronically using one of the submission methods described below. The file upload process allows the submission of all of the quarterly wage detail records or adjustments for a selected quarter and year with a single operation. Regardless of which submission method is used, each record will process through a series of checks and edits. The system uses the wage detail data to calculate taxes due, assign penalties, and create debit/credit entries for billing. Adjustments may be referred to staff for review, or could be rejected based on program rules. Incomplete or missing wage records and rejected wage detail adjustments may be assessed an administrative fee of $25.00 per Social Security number record; this will be calculated and added to the employer's balance due.

Online access is available on an employer account level.

Wage detail submission types:

Manual Entry

An online version of filling-out a paper form. Enter each employee's name, social security number, hours worked, wages, and the system calculates the tax due. Reference Manual Entry for more information.

Copy Names and Social Security Numbers from Previous Quarters

Similar to the manual entry method, but even easier. This option brings forward your employees information entered for the previous quarter - you enter the current quarters hours worked and wage information and the system calculates the tax due. Limited to 100 wage records per quarter. Reference Copy Names and Social Security Numbers from Previous Quarters for more information.

File Upload - Attach Electronic Wage File

Allows employers or their agents to create a file using one of the acceptable formats listed in the Employer User Guide. Many payroll software programs include the EFW2 (formerly MMREF-SSA Format) and ICESA formats for submitting wage detail information. Reference File Upload - Attach Electronic Wage File for more information.

Automated Phone System (IVR)

An option for businesses and organizations without internet access who report either $0 wages or wages for very few employees.

Zero Wage

Available online and by phone for employers who want to quickly report $0 wages paid during the reporting period. Reference Zero Wage for more information.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Available by invitation only. This option is available to very large employers and agents (those reporting more than 10,000 employees) who submit their wage detail files using our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) process. These employers and agents must still use the Employer Self-Service System to set up security, passwords and general account maintenance. However, wage detail files are submitted using FTP. The file formats used in this process are the same as those used by the File Upload method.


File formats and reference documents

For Wage Detail File Upload formats, see the Employer User Guide.

ACH Credit Payment File (Upload to US Bank)
Payments file from agents reconciling payments for each employer account. This file is transmitted to US Bank.

NOTE:  No Tax Type Code is required on our Addenda Record.

Reference Paying by Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit for the Department's banking and account number information.

Benefits Paid Charges (Download)
The file provides employers, and agents with:

  • Benefits Paid Charge access,
  • a detailed report for every payment, and
  • adjustment transaction related to an employer's account.

NOTE: Statute has removed the ability for employers to protest Benefits Paid Charges. Bulk protests will not be accepted or processed. Protests deemed unjustified could be subject to a $500.00 administrative penalty per occurrence.

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