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Benefits paid charges by applicant

Search for benefits paid charge information by Social Security number (SSN) or name.

To view benefits paid charges by applicant:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. On My Home Page, click Benefits Paid Charge Activities.
  3. Click Benefits Paid Charges by Applicant.
  4. Enter the applicant's Social Security number (SSN) along with either their name or year.
  5. Click Search. The total benefits paid charged amount displays.

    NOTE: Clicking the SSN link will display:
    • Begin Benefit Account
    • Base Period
    • Wages Paid
    • % Benefits Paid
    • Maximum Est. Benefits Paid
    • Charge Relieve Date
    • Charged
    • Transaction Date
    • Requested Week
    • Charge Date
    • Activity
    • Unit
    • Program Benefits Paid
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