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Agent User Guide: View history

To view previously submitted wage detail information:

  1. Log in to your agent account.
  2. on My Home Page, click Tax and Wage Detail Reporting.
  3. Click View History.
  4. Under View History Search, enter:

    • Nothing - to list all wage detail submissions for all employers submitted by this account.
    • An Employer ID - to display only wage detail submission for that employer.
    • Year and quarter - to narrow the search.

  5. Click Search.
  6. Under the Employer Account Number column, select the employer account number link for which you want to view the wage detail information.
  7. The Wage Detail History Search page opens. You have the option to print the wage detail history, view employees employed on the 12th of the month and view quarterly wages, UI taxes, assessments and fees. To search for:

    • year and quarter information - click Search without entering any search parameters.
    • individual wage detail history - enter an individual's Social Security number, last name, and first name; click Search.

NOTE: Files containing more than 100 records - the search may be limited by entering only the first letter of a last name in the Last Name field (i.e. entering only the letter 'A' will yield all of the wage records for employees whose last names begin with 'A'.)

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