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Seeking suitable employment

You must actively seek suitable employment each week you request benefits.

Suitable employment means work reasonably related to your qualifications. You must be willing to seek and accept the hours, wage, commuting distance, and other conditions of employment that are normal for someone in your occupation with your skills and experience.

If your benefits are based on part-time work, you can limit your job search to part-time work.

The following activities satisfy the weekly job search requirement:

  • Visiting an employer's place of business to fill out a job application.
  • Preparing and mailing resumes in response to employer ads or job leads.
  • Telephoning employers to arrange for job interviews.
  • Attending creative job seeking skills classes, workshops, job clubs or other related job search activities.
  • Meeting with a career counselor and taking skills and interests tests.
  • Networking in your occupational field and industry.
  • Conducting searches using Internet job banks and bulletin boards as well as professional/trade publications.
  • Researching companies in your field of work and exploring current labor market conditions.
  • Maintaining contact with professional organizations.
  • Attending a Reemployment Session conducted at your nearest CareerForce location.
  • Members of a referral union who are not allowed to seek employment on their own meet the work search requirement by remaining in good standing with the union.

You may be ineligible for benefits for weeks you are not actively seeking suitable employment.

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