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Information Handbook

Income that may affect benefits

In addition to earnings, income from other sources may affect your unemployment benefits. When you first apply, and every week you make a request for payment, we ask if you applied for or are receiving other types of income.

The most common types of income that may affect unemployment benefits are listed below. Your former employer may have had different terms for some of these, such as calling vacation pay “paid leave,” “PTO,” or “personal time off.” The name of the income is less important than how, why, or from whom the payment is made.

Types of income include, but are not limited to:

  • Severance, notice pay, or retention pay, and any other payments made because of your separation from employment
  • Sick pay and holiday pay
  • Vacation pay
  • Pension or 401K payments
  • Workers' compensation or other employer-contributed insurance for loss of wages

Report all income that you have not previously reported to us. If you have questions about whether a type of income must be reported, call Customer Service.

If your benefit payments are affected by any income, we will mail you a determination explaining the effect.

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