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File upload method

You can use the File Upload function to upload all of your quarterly wage data at once. You can upload files in any of the following formats, or use this Microsoft Excel template (follow these instructions for using the template).


Submitting the File

After you create the file, use this procedure to submit the file:


Before submitting the file, make sure that the information is complete and accurate. Any employer that submits a wage detail report, but fails to include all employee information or enters erroneous information, shall be subject to an administrative service fee of $25 for each employee for whom the information is partially missing or erroneous. An administrative service fee may be canceled under certain circumstances.

To submit the file:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. On My Home Page, click Tax and Wage Detail Reporting.
  3. Click Submit Wage Detail.
  4. On the next page, under Reporting Period, select the quarter and year for which you are submitting data.
  5. Under Filing Methods, select File Upload - Attach electronic wage file, and then click Next.
  6. Select the option button for the file type that matches the format of your file, and then click Next.
  7. Click Browse to locate your file. Select the name of the file to be uploaded, and then click Open. The title of your wage detail file should appear in the Browse box, click Next.

NOTE: If your wage detail file has:

  • less than 5 kilobytes of data, the File Preview/Errors page opens, displaying the first 10 records of your wage detail report file plus any file errors.
    • If there are no errors on your wage detail file, continue with step 8.
    • If there are errors on your wage detail file, the File Errors section will display indicating the line number and error type (Fatal or Non-Fatal)
      • Fatal error records cannot be processed. You must correct the file and re-submit.
      • If you have Non-Fatal errors listed, you can select the option button Ignore Errors and Continue, click Next to continue; however, it is recommended that you correct all errors before submitting the file.
  • more than 5 kilobytes of data, the Submitted File Information page opens, confirming your file has been saved and will be processed within 24 hours. To continue, refer to Submitted file upload files larger than 5 kilobytes.
  1. Review the information.

    If incorrect or you have errors listed, select the option button Make file corrections and resubmit. Make necessary corrections to the original file located on your computer, and then re-submit the file by starting over with step 6.

  2. If correct and you have no errors listed, select the option button Accept File and Proceed, and then click Next.
  3. Review 12th of the month information and update if necessary, click Next. The Wage Detail Report Summary page displays.
  4. Review the information.

    If incorrect, STOP. You must make the changes to the original file located on your computer, and then re-submit the file by starting over with step 1.

  5. If correct, click Next.
  6. Review the total amount due, and then click Submit Wage Detail. The Wage Detail Submission Confirmation page opens with a confirmation number. Print the page for your records. At this point, you can choose to make a payment. Follow instructions below to make a payment.

To make a payment:

    1. Click Make Payment.
    2. Select the statement period and year from the drop down menu, then click Search if you want to view the balance of a previous statement period; otherwise, click Make Payment. The Employer Payment Information page opens.
    3. Enter the payment amount and select a payment method from drop down menu, click Next.

Paper Check Method:

  1. Paper check payment information displays, click Next. A File Download box will display.
  2. Click Open to view the payment voucher
    - or -
    Click Save to save the voucher to your computer.

  3. Submit the lower portion of the voucher along with your check to the specified address.

Electronic Payment Method:

  1. Enter Routing Transit Number, Bank Account Number, Account Type (from drop down menu) and Payment Effective Date. Click Next.
  2. Review Electronic Check Payment Information, and then click Submit. The Receipt of Payment displays.

Submitted file upload files larger than 5 kilobytes (KB):5k

Wage Detail Batch Processing Times

Wage Detail Batch Processing occurs once in the morning and once in the afternoon each business day (excluding state holidays). Files processed later in the day can be viewed the next business day.

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Review the status of your file:
    1. On My Home Page, click Tax and Wage Detail Reporting.
    2. Click View Submission History.
    3. Select the quarter and year you want to view, click Search.

    The Search Results page will display:

    • a confirmation number if the file processed.
    • a link in the File Errors column if there are errors in the file. Click the Errors link to view the details.

    The Errors page will display further details about the errors in your file.

    • Fatal error records (or lines) will NOT be stored or used in calculations. The records must be corrected and re-submitted for an accurate submission.

      Important: A file with fewer than 50 fatal errors will process, but the records having the fatal errors will not process. A file with 50 or more fatal errors will cause the entire file to fail.

    • Non-fatal error records will be stored and used in calculations. It is recommended to correct the errors and re-submit the file for an accurate submission. These errors do not prevent the record or file from processing. Non-fatal errors caused by invalid Social Security numbers should always be corrected or the Employer Self-Service System will incorrectly calculate the taxable wages.
  3. If you received a confirmation number and you have no errors on the file, see Payment Information for information on making a payment.
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