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We offer tools and training for employment and for helping seniors remain independent and active. As Minnesota’s accessible reading source we also transcribe books and other materials into alternative formats, including audio and braille. We assist Minnesotans who are blind, DeafBlind, losing vision, or who have another disability that makes it difficult to read print.

I hope you find what you need here. We've also created a Tips for Using Our New Website page.

If you’d like to apply for services, learn more, or have more questions, just give us a call. You’ll find contact information for all of our offices on our contact page, or you can call our main office at 651-539-2300.

Thanks for visiting.
Carol N. Pankow, Director

What's New

What Would I Do, If I Couldn’t See?

Lots of us ask that question from time to time. The simple answer is that with a few new skills, you’d be going about your everyday life. Three short videos showcase Minnesotans who are blind, losing vision, or DeafBlind, doing just that.

"How Could I do This Job If I Can't See" (audio described) shows Minnesotans using high tech and low tech solutions at work. It’s a nice introduction for hiring managers who might be wondering if an applicant who is blind, low vision, or DeafBlind could indeed be the best person for a job.

"How Can I do It If I Can't See It" (audio described) speaks to the experience of seniors who are wondering how to live well with vision loss.

"How Can I Read It If I Can't See It" (audio described) is for everyone who loves reading and worries that vision loss, or another disability, might take away their ability to read. This video demonstrates how our Communication Center has become "Minnesota’s Accessible Reading Source."

Open Position on the State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind

The State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind (SRC-B) has an open seat for an industry representative. Learn more about the council or apply directly on the Secretary of State's Open Positions page.

Summer Work Opportunities for Students, 2019

It's time to start dreaming of summer! Summer work experience is a great way to start building your resume, grow your skills, and learn about the world of work. Plus, you’ll meet people, make connections, and maybe earn some cash and have some fun. We have a list of organizations that offer summer work options, including internships, for students. Check them out, and find something fun, interesting, challenging, or rewarding to do this summer.

Upcoming Events

State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind Meeting

April 4, 2019

2200 University Ave W #240, St. Paul, MN 55114

Our State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind (SRC-B) guides the work of State Services for the Blind. Meetings are open to the public. Visit the Council page to learn more.

Career Expo for High School and College Students

April 27, 2019

Our Career Expo gives students a chance to get practical advice, and pro tips on preparing for life and work. Meet with professionals who are blind and working in a wide variety of jobs, hear from employers, learn about job search tools, and lots more. See the flyer for more info, including time and location. This is a free event, but, your registration will help us in planning. Register now.

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