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We offer tools and training for employment and for helping seniors remain independent and active. As Minnesota’s accessible reading source we also transcribe books and other materials into alternative formats, including audio and braille. We assist Minnesotans who are blind, DeafBlind, losing vision, or who have another disability that makes it difficult to read print.

I hope you find what you need here. We've also created a Tips for Using Our New Website page.

If you’d like to apply for services, learn more, or have more questions, just give us a call. You’ll find contact information for all of our offices on our contact page, or you can call our main office at 651-539-2300.

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Carol N. Pankow, Director

What's New

We Are SSB

SSB is made up of people: staff, customers, volunteers, vendors, and more. In a new "We are SSB" campaign, we feature some of the people of SSB with their answers to a few questions about their lives and interests. Their photos and answers are displayed in the lobby of our St. Paul office, and online.

Throughout the year we’ll feature new SSB team members. Together, we are SSB!

Summer Work Opportunities for Students, 2019

It's time to start dreaming of summer! Summer work experience is a great way to start building your resume, grow your skills, and learn about the world of work. Plus, you’ll meet people, make connections, and maybe earn some cash and have some fun. We have a list of organizations that offer summer work options, including internships, for students. Check them out, and find something fun, interesting, challenging, or rewarding to do this summer.

The Spectacle

Our January 2019 edition of The Spectacle is now available.

Aging Eyes Initiative Receives Award for Innovation

State Services for the Blind was honored to receive a Minnesota State Innovation in Government Award in recognition of our Aging Eyes Initiative. The initiative provides training and a kit of low vision aids and devices to community members who work with seniors. These community partners can then provide practical assistance to seniors in the early stages of vision loss. The awards, organized by the Humphrey Institute's Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center and the Bush Foundation highlight innovative projects that improve the lives of Minnesotans. The award sponsors showcased the work of the Aging Eyes Initiative in a short video.

Watch it with Audio Description (or with captions). Read the transcript.

New Online Guide to Everything Assistive Technology

The world of assistive technology (AT) includes a vast array of hardware devices and software applications. Assistive tech is designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, including people who are blind, DeafBlind or who are experiencing vision loss. The good news for consumers is that there are more choices than ever before for finding THE RIGHT FIT. Making sense of all the choices, however, can be a daunting task. The state of Minnesota has launched a new website: Minnesota’s Guide to Assistive Technology to help make sense of all the options. Consumers can use this one-stop site to learn about what’s available, and find information on sources for funding and training. A collaborative effort among several state agencies, the site brings together, in one place, resources available through the state of Minnesota. Find the right assistive technology for school, work, or home.

Upcoming Events

State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind Meeting

Thursday, February 14 
2200 University Ave W #240, St. Paul, MN 55114

Our State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind (SRC-B) guides the work of State Services for the Blind. Meetings are open to the public. Visit the Council page to learn more.

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