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Employer Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to direct employers to the resources they need to help their workforce get vaccinated safely and efficiently and to provide materials to educate employees about COVID-19 vaccines. Please note that as more information about COVID-19 vaccines becomes available, the resources on this page may be updated.

  1. How to Vaccinate Your Workforce
  2. Vaccine Information
  3. CDC Essential Workers COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit
  4. Connect with Us
  5. Legal Guidance

1. How to Vaccinate Your Workforce

We have to keep working together to rein in COVID-19 and build widespread community protection to get back to the normal, enjoyable parts of life we all have missed. Getting Minnesota’s workforce vaccinated is a critical step in getting us there.

There are two main options when it comes to vaccinating your workforce: helping your employees connect to other vaccination opportunities and hosting on-site vaccinations.

Option #1: Help employees connect to vaccination opportunities

Ensure all your employees are aware of vaccine locations. Your employees can directly sign up for an appointment at one of Minnesota’s COVID-19 Community Vaccination Program sites and receive updates on new vaccine opportunities in their area. 

Employees can also get vaccinated through a pharmacy, local public health, or health care provider. Employees can search for local vaccine providers in their area using the Vaccine Locator map. 

Option #2: Host on-site vaccination (see requirements below)

Complete the Community Vaccination Event Request Form if you have already made arrangements with a vaccine provider to offer vaccinations on-site or you would like help finding a provider to offer vaccinations on-site. The form will request information about how many employees you have and who your vaccine provider is (if you have one). The Department of Health will call or email you to discuss what options may be feasible for your company.

Employer Checklist:

  • Encourage all employees to sign up for the Vaccine Connector
  • Provide information about how the vaccine works and how employees can get vaccinated
  • Help employees with any questions or confusion they may have
  • Keep wearing masks and social distancing in the workplace!

2. Vaccine Information

The following materials can help make sure you and your employees have the most up-to-date, accurate information on these safe and highly effective vaccines. Consider providing for your employees to help encourage them to get vaccinated.

COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit

COVID-19 information in other languages:

Refugee and Immigrant COVID-19 Helpline 

3. CDC Essential Workers COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put together a toolkit that will help your organization educate employees about COVID-19 vaccines, raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination, and address common questions and concerns.

Resources for employers and employees linked below:

  • Adapt the key messages to the language, tone, and format that will resonate with your organization. You know what works for your employees.
  • Customize the template letter and send or email it to your employees to introduce your COVID-19 vaccine educational activities.
  • Print copies of the posters and use them as handouts or to hang in highly visible places in your offices, buildings, and other employee locations.
  • Organize a COVID-19 vaccine presentation [3.7 MB, 16 pages] (also available in Spanish [4 MB] ) for your employees and promote it via digital and employee communication channels. If you are able, organize a virtual presentation. If not, organize an in-person presentation following COVID-19 safety precautions. Ask if your local health department can provide a speaker if you do not have a health educator on staff. Distribute copies of the FAQs.
  • Continue to educate your workforce via articles, blog posts, and social media posts .
  • Invite your employees to wear stickers once they have been vaccinated and post vaccination selfies on social media.

CDC Toolkit in other languages:


4. Connect With Us

If you would like someone from MDH to come and speak on COVID-19 vaccines at your organization, fill out the COVID-19 Vaccine Speakers Request Survey to request a speaker.

For any further questions, you can email


5. Legal Guidance

CDC Guidance

The state cannot provide legal advice to either employers or employees. In December 2020, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released guidance that generally speaks to whether employers can require an employee be vaccinated. Please visit the EEOC website at for additional information and details.

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