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Updates on Minnesota's response to COVID-19

Tune into your local news channel at 2 p.m. every week day for COVID-19 response updates.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 Press Briefing

Safely Adjusting the Dials

We’re taking cautious, strategic steps toward getting people safely back to work.

Our objectives for moving forward:

  • Minnesotans living healthy, safe, and happy lives.
  • Slow spread and slowly build immunity, realizing elimination is impossible.
  • Protect those working on the front lines by increasing access to personal protective equipment.
  • Ensure our health system can care for all of those who require treatment for COVID and other conditions.
  • Strategically get more Minnesotans back to work.
  • Safely and slowly resume in-person contacts and other activities that are critical for our well-being.

COVID-19 Response Infographics

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