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Updates on Minnesota's response to COVID-19

Tune into your local TV or radio news channel daily at 2 p.m. for coverage of the state's COVID-19 response. TV stations generally only carry the daily briefing when the Governor participates, but radio stations such as MPR air each one. You can also tune into the Governor-led briefings on his YouTube channel.

Friday, March 26, 2021 Announcement

Safely Adjusting the Dials

We’re taking cautious, strategic steps toward getting people safely back to work.

Our objectives for moving forward:

  • Minnesotans living healthy, safe, and happy lives.
  • Slow spread and slowly build immunity, realizing elimination is impossible.
  • Protect those working on the front lines by increasing access to personal protective equipment.
  • Ensure our health system can care for all of those who require treatment for COVID and other conditions.
  • Strategically get more Minnesotans back to work.
  • Safely and slowly resume in-person contacts and other activities that are critical for our well-being.

COVID-19 Response Update

On December 16, Governor Walz announced new targeted measures to further limit spread of COVID-19. While some of the restrictions are easing, others are continuing, and there is an updated plan for our youngest learners at the K-5 level. We’re not moving the dials back; rather, we are keeping measures in place to help our health care heroes care for those who fall ill, get our kids in the classroom, keep our businesses open, and get back to the activities we love. View Stay Safe Plan Updates.

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