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COVIDaware MN Exposure Notifications

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The COVIDaware MN exposure notification system is a free tool that works on smartphones. It alerts users if they may have been exposed to COVID-19. COVIDaware MN does not share any personal information. It is completely private and doesn't know who you are, or track where you go.

How do I add COVIDaware MN to my phone?

For iPhone

Enable Exposure Notifications

  • In your phone, go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to Exposure Notifications.
  • Select “Turn On Exposure Notifications.”
  • Select United States.
  • Select Minnesota.

For Android Phones

Download the app

How does it work?

When you enable the COVIDaware MN exposure notification system, and you are near someone who also has COVIDaware MN enabled, your phones exchange random, anonymous codes. If that person later tests positive for COVID-19 and follows the steps to anonymously notify others, you'll get an anonymous notification that you've had a possible exposure. This lets you get the care you need quickly, and helps prevent you from spreading COVID-19 to the people around you.

The app uses privacy-preserving Bluetooth Low Energy technology to exchange the random codes without revealing any information about you. By using only tiny bursts of Bluetooth, your battery is not impacted. 

The system uses an algorithm to tell the difference between the encounters that could potentially transmit COVID-19 to you, from those that were either at a safe distance or short enough that you don't need to be warned. COVIDaware MN will only alert you if you have potentially been exposed. Not receiving an alert is good news.

The COVIDaware MN system is available in English, Spanish, and Somali.

How is my privacy protected?

COVIDaware MN is based on Google Apple Exposure Notification technology, which is designed to protect your privacy. It works in the background without collecting or revealing any location or personal data. The app doesn't need to know who you are, or where you are at, to work effectively. 

Specifically, COVIDaware MN:

  • Never tracks your location.
  • Never sends information to the Minnesota Department of Health without your direct permission.
  • Never requires personal information such as your name or address.
  • Never sends information to Apple or Google.
  • Never accesses other information on your phone.

Participation is entirely voluntary. Users can opt in or out at any time. For more information about how user privacy is protected, see the Minnesota Exposure Notifications privacy policy.

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