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Food Support

bag of groceriesThe COVID-19 pandemic created challenges for Minnesotans facing food insecurity and for Minnesota’s food producers. Minnesota has existing programs to help Minnesotans receive emergency food support, along with information about safely handling produce during this time.

For all Minnesotans

For school-age children

  • Free Meals for Kids app. The Minnesota Department of Education is partnering with Hunger Impact Partners to help students find free, nutritious school meals at nearly 400 schools and other sites during the distance learning period.
  • SNAP Outreach Specialists. If you need food assistance, specialists can give you more information about receiving the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Learn how to enroll and use the benefit to make informed decisions about buying healthy, nutritious food.
  • Food shelves. If you have an immediate need for food or are experiencing economic hardships that prevent you from being able to purchase food, your local food shelf can help. Many food shelves provide drive thru, or other alternatives pick up options for your safety. More information can be found on Second Harvest Heartland's website.
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