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Agent Self-Service System

The Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program has developed an online system for agents who are authorized to do UI business on behalf of a Minnesota employer. To do business on behalf of an employer/client, an agent must be registered, as an agent, with Minnesota Unemployment Insurance. Secure access is given to registered agents by their employer/client(s) by completing the online agent authorization/role assignment process.

Information about the agent authorization/role assignment process:

  1. The agent must have an 8-digit Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Agent Identification Number. To obtain this number, the agent must register as an agent using the Self-Service System.
  2. Once an agent has registered for an agent account and has an agent ID number, the employer/client uses this ID number in the agent authorization/role assignment process.
  3. The employer/client selects the role(s), and the type of access for each role assigned (either 'view only' or 'update and submit').
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