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Applying for a new benefit account after the end of your benefit year

An unemployment benefit account lasts for one year. If your “benefit year” has ended, or will end soon, this does not mean your unemployment benefits are ending – you just need to apply for a new benefit account.

Please note that you will not receive payment for the first week of your new benefit account. This week is called your “nonpayable week”. Minnesota law requires a nonpayable week before you can be paid benefits. For a week to qualify as your nonpayable week, you must:

  • Submit an application for benefits. 
  • Submit a timely request for benefit payment. 
  • Be eligible for benefits for the week.

There is only one nonpayable week in the 52 weeks after you apply. If you are unemployed again within one year of your account date, you will not have another nonpayable week.

Checking your benefit year end date

You can check your benefit year date at any time within your online account.

  1. Login to your online account.
  2. Select "View and Maintain My Account".

    Select View and Maintain My Account

  3. Select "Issues that may affect my eligibility".

    Select Issues that may affect my eligibility link

  4. The "effective end date” listed on this page is the date your benefit year will expire. The day after this date, we will give you a link to apply for benefits.

    Effective End Date displays on right side of page

Applying for a new benefit account

After your benefit year ends, you will see an “Apply for Benefits” link within your online account.

Select Apply for Benefits link

Complete the application as soon as possible.

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