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Pending issues

When you apply for unemployment benefits or request a benefit payment, we ask a variety of questions that help us determine your eligibility.

Sometimes, when we need more information from you, an “issue” may be created on your account. You may have to complete an additional questionnaire before we can make any additional payments.

What you need to know

You may see a pending issue on your account if we have information suggesting that:

  • You may be unemployed for reasons other than a layoff
  • You may be receiving income from another source (such as severance pay or a pension payment) 
  • You may not able to work or available to accept work

An issue will also be created on your account if we cannot verify your identity, or if your account is selected for audit.

While you’re waiting for us to resolve the issue, continue to request benefits for each week you are unemployed.

Responding to a Request for Information

If we need more information from you, we will send you a Request for Information (a questionnaire). This is your chance to provide us with details about your situation.

You can reply to the Request for Information in your online account. You can also respond by mail.

Make sure you respond to the questions completely and honestly. We may verify your answers with your employer or using other information available to us.

It’s a good idea to:

  • Look though the questions and get your thoughts together before you start writing your response. Sometimes we ask for specific dates or the names of people you talked to. 
  • Explain things in chronological order: what happened first, second, third, fourth and so on... 
  • Answer every question. If you don’t think a question applies, just say that. 
  • Write out your answers before you type them online. The information you enter is not saved until you click the “Submit” button. You must answer all questions in less than 45 minutes to avoid being automatically logged out. 
  • Note the due date at the top of the document. If your response is late, it may result in in a denial or delay of benefits.

If there is something we missed or something you think we need to know, make sure you mention it.

Determining eligibility

Once the Request for Information due date has passed, we will review your answers (along with any information we received from your employer). We will then send you a written determination in the mail.

If you disagree with our determination, you can appeal.

Click to start the Request for Information: I Received One...Now What? video

Video tutorials are provided to assist you in using Minnesota’s Applicant Self-Service System.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and conforms with both Minnesota and Federal Unemployment Insurance Law.   Statements are intended for general information only and do not have the effect of the law. If you have a question about your benefit account, call Customer Service.
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