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Services for Seniors

Our vision loss rehabilitation specialists understand that vision loss can be a frustrating and difficult part of aging. The good news is that while it may require learning some new skills and making some adaptations, vision loss need not destroy your quality of life, or your ability to live independently. Our Senior Services team has the tools, techniques, and training you’ll need to stay mentally and physically active and independent. If you have questions or would like more information, give us a call at 651-539-2331.

Aging Eyes Initiative

Join our efforts to help seniors statewide understand and adjust to vision loss.

Referring Patients with Vision Loss

Minnesota law governs the responsibilities of ophthalmologists and optometrists to inform patients who are legally blind about the services provided by SSB.

Our Staff

Staff of the Senior Services Unit.

Living with Vision Loss

Losing your vision can seem overwhelming at first, but you are not alone. We'll help you assess your needs and work with you to determine the best ways to meet your goals.

Request More Information

Interested in SSB services? Simply complete a short form to connect with SSB staff. Services include employment, assistance for seniors, and accessible materials through our Communication Center. Read about any of these services through the links on this website.

Disability Minnesota

Find information on more than 100 state agencies, products, programs, and services.

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