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We Are SSB

SSB is made up of people: staff, customers, volunteers, vendors, and more. In a new "We are SSB" campaign, we feature some of the people of SSB with their answers to a few questions about their lives and interests. Their photos and answers are displayed in the lobby of our St. Paul office, and online here.

Throughout the year we’ll feature new SSB team members. Together, we are SSB!

Photograph of  Mansur  Ahmed
Mansur Ahmed
SSB Staff
Photograph of  Scott  Eggen
Scott Eggen
BEP Operator
Photograph of  Ameer  Eldomiatti
Ameer Eldomiatti
WDU Customer
Photograph of  Stephen  Guerra
Stephen Guerra
Community Rehabilitation Provider
Photograph of  Hazel  O'Day
Hazel O'Day
Communication Center Customer
Photograph of  Allen  Sigafus
Allen Sigafus
Senior Services Customer
Photograph of  Angela  Christle
Angela Christle
Senior Services Staff
Photograph of  Marilynn  Highland
Marilynn Highland
Communication Center Customer
Photograph of  Rob  Hobson
Rob Hobson
State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind (SRC-B)
Photograph of  Josh  Howie
Josh Howie
Community Partner
Photograph of  Christine  Malley
Christine Malley
Workforce Development Unit Customer
Photograph of  Paul  Ranelli
Paul Ranelli
Photograph of  Jerry  Langley-Ripka
Jerry Langley-Ripka
Senior Services Customer
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