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Minnesota has several collections of deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing history in our state. Several collections are visual-oral history interviews and one collection is an important archive of historical photos and documents. 


Legacy Video Interviews - Seven deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing advocates are interviewed on camera. Their videos are hosted on MNCDHH's website and YouTube. (2010-2011)

Minnesota Deaf Heritage - Fourteen prominent deaf Minnesotans are interviewed on camera. Originally produced by Deaf and hard of Hearing Services  Division (Metro) and remastered by ZenMation. Hosted on MNCDHH's website and YouTube. (1997, 2011)

History Matters Workshop - Three distinguished deaf advocates do a filmed panel interview, along with a presentation by Marian Rangel from the Minnesota Digital Library. Hosted on MNCDHH's website and YouTube. (2010)

Signs of Minnesota - Twenty-nine deaf Minnesotans are interviewed by Digiterp Solutions.

Digital Reflections - Archive of 173 historical photos and documents. Hosted online at the Minnesota Digital Library in the Minnesota Reflections collection. Thanks to contributions from Charles Thompson Memorial Hall, the Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens, and the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf Alumni Association Museum.

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