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Services for Employers

Make State Services for the Blind (SSB) your first call and shorten the time it takes to find and hire employees.

We can match your workforce needs with qualified graduates from our program and screen candidates at your work site or ours.

We can also help you avoid the high cost of employee turnover and training by assisting you in retaining long-time, well trained staff that may be experiencing vision loss.


SSB is a tremendous resource for employers. We recognize that each business is a unique organization with unique needs.

SSB serves individuals with vision impairments through a publicly-funded vocational rehabilitation program. Using SSB's placement services doesn't cost you anything. SSB is prepaid by your tax dollars. There are no costs to the employer in partnering with us.

How Can I Do This Job if I Can't See?

Lots of us ask that question from time to time. The simple answer is that with a few new skills, you’d be going about your everyday life. This short video showcases Minnesotans who are blind, losing vision, or DeafBlind, doing just that.

"How Can I Do This Job if I Can't See" (audio described) shows Minnesotans using high tech and low tech solutions at work. It’s a nice introduction for hiring managers who might be wondering if an applicant who is blind, low vision, or DeafBlind could indeed be the best person for a job.

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