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Water Utilities

Water Utilities

Information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy storage related to wastewater treatment plants as well as drinking water treatment plants.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects in Minnesota 

Wastewater Treatment Plants 

City of Hutchinson mechanical WWTP designed to treat an average 3.67 million gallons per day

City of St. Cloud mechanical WWTP (Nutrient, Energy, and Water – or NEW – Recovery Facility) designed to treat 17.90 million gallons per day, 10 million gallons per day on average

  • Biogas to fuel a generator and heat digesters
  • 20 kW, 40 kW, 220 kW and 248 kW solar arrays
  • Blower controls and valving refinement, LED lighting, HVAC system upgrades
     o City of St. Cloud, Wastewater Services

Drinking Water Treatment Plants

Coming soon

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