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Braille, Radio, Talking Books, News

As Minnesota's Accessible Reading Source, our Communication Center provides books, newspapers, magazines and other printed materials in braille, e-text, or human narrated audio formats for people who are blind, losing vision, DeafBlind or who have other disabilities that make it difficult to read print. 

Live, work, read, succeed –access to information for school, work and everyday life is critical. Whether it’s a story in today’s newspaper, a textbook for class, a manual for work, or the latest book from a favorite author, we provide you with what you want to read, in a form that works for you. Our consumers read books on tablets and smartphones, through a radio receiver, or on a digital book player. The radio and book player are provided at no cost to consumers. We describe all that is available and explain eligibility in our application for services form.

You can search the more than 8,000 books produced at SSB by choosing the catalog link on our Library Services page.

Braille, Audio, E-text Transcription

At school, work or home, we’ve got you covered with books and other printed materials transcribed into Braille, audio, or electronic text.

Radio Talking Book

This free, closed-circuit news service broadcasts current newspapers, magazines and best-selling books 24/7 on special radios we provide to clients.

News by Phone or on the Go

Get access to national and international news sources, job postings and tv listings and Minnesota daily newspapers online, mobile device or by phone.


Advice for job seekers, what’s new in assistive technology, interviews with Minnesotans who are blind, DeafBlind, or losing vision, and practical tips for living well with vision loss – that’s just some of what’s covered in our podcasts.

Library Services

We offer an extensive library of books in accessible formats. If a title isn't available in our collection or from partner groups, we'll transcribe it.

About the Communication Center

Learn why we’re called "Minnesota’s accessible reading source."

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