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Technical Reference Manual

The Minnesota Technical Reference Manual (TRM) is a standard set of methodologies, inputs, and assumptions that CIP administrators may reference when developing, implementing, and reporting on CIP programs as outlined in Minnesota Statute 216B.215, subd. 1d. The TRM does not represent an exclusive set of measures that may be applied in CIP programs. Minnesota utilities may propose additional measures as standard offerings in their CIP plans, or implement custom measures without pre-approval from Commerce.

To ensure that the TRM continues to accurately reflect current technologies, markets, codes, and standards, the Department has established the TRM Advisory Committee (TRMAC), consisting of CIP stakeholders, to review and update the TRM on an annual basis.

A draft version of the TRM is available for public review and comment at the conclusion of these annual TRMAC efforts on docket no. 18-694.  The final version of the TRM takes into account these public comments and is posted soon after on that same docket and in the below "TRM Releases" Tab.

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