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Tourism and the Economy

Tourism is a vital part of Minnesota’s economy

Key 2021 Statistics

  • MN L&H Gross Sales $15.7B

  • MN L&H State Sales Tax $998M

  • MN L&H Jobs 229k people

Explore Minnesota’s Budget Recommendations - Jan. 20, 2023
Halo Effect of Minnesota Tourism
Length: 2:36 Direct Link
Here are the stories of three entrepreneurs who visited and decided to invest in Minnesota.
Tourism Works for Minnesota
Length: 2:54 Direct Link
We know people visit Minnesota for any number of reasons, from family camping trips to major sporting events and everything in between. But tourism is more than memories and Instagram photos: It’s an essential part of Minnesota’s economy.

Past Annual Tourism and the Economy Fact Sheets

Additional Leisure & Hospitality reports are available on the Minnesota Department of Revenue website.

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