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Tourism Council

Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Tourism Council Virtual Meeting Link.
Meeting ID: 847 0941 1119
Passcode: x7igVh
Call in: 1.301.715.8592

The Explore Minnesota Tourism Council consists of 28 people from all sectors of hospitality and tourism  appointed by the governor to serve in an advisory capacity to Explore Minnesota.

The purpose of the Tourism Council is to serve the broader interests of tourism in Minnesota by promoting activities that support, maintain, and expand the state's domestic and international travel market, thereby generating increased visitor expenditures, tax revenue and employment.

The Explore Minnesota Tourism Council consists of the following positions:  

  • Business Tourism Representative – Convention Facilities 
  • Business Tourism Representative - Retail Sales 
  • Business Tourism Representative – Tour Operator
  • Business Tourism Representative - Transportation 
  • Business Tourism Representative - Travel Agency 
  • Business Tourism Representative - Travel Media 

  • Statewide Association Representative – Bed & Breakfast
  • Statewide Association Representative - Campground
  • Statewide Association Representative – Chamber of Commerce
  • Statewide Association Representative - County
  • Statewide Association Representative - Festivals and Events 
  • Statewide Association Representative – Golf
  • Statewide Association Representative – Lodging
  • Statewide Association Representative – Minnesota Association of Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Statewide Association Representative – Restaurant
  • Statewide Association Representative – Trails or Trail Associations
  • Statewide Association Representative - Resorts (#1) 
  • Statewide Association Representative – Resorts (#2)
  • Regional Marketing Representative – Northwest
  • Regional Marketing Representative – Northeast
  • Regional Marketing Representative – Central
  • Regional Marketing Representative – Metro
  • Regional Marketing Representative – Southern
  • At-large Member

Open Positions on Explore Minnesota Tourism Council

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State released notice of vacancies for various state boards, councils and committees that are accepting applications. Minnesotans are encouraged to apply and serve in demonstration of public service.

To apply for a position on the Explore Minnesota Tourism Council 
  1. Visit the Open Positions page .
  2. Scroll down to find the correct Agency/Board/Council. (In second field from left, type in “Tourism”)
  3. Choose the correct seat type, and click button that says APPLY
  4. The system will walk you through creating an application profile.

Page 2 of the application will now allow you to attach the following documents:

  • Letter of Interest
  • Resume or Biography

Applicants are encouraged to use the online application as the Appointing Authority will have access to your information as soon as it is submitted.

Applications submitted via downloadable application may experience some delay in reaching the Appointing Authority. Paper applications may be submitted by email to or by mail or in person to:

Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State
180 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
St Paul, MN 55155-1299

In accordance with the Minnesota Open Appointments Law, the Secretary of State acts as an administrator in publishing vacancies, receiving applications and recording appointments. Applications will be reviewed and appointments made by the appointing authorities; questions about specific vacancies and appointments should be directed to the appointing authority. Applications are kept on file for a one-year period.

Questions can be directed to Beth Helle at or 651-757-1872.

2022 Meetings of the Tourism Council 

Date Location
Thursday, March 10 Virtual 
Wednesday, June 1 Virtual ID: 847 0941 1119 PW: x7igVh Call in: 1.301.715.8592
Tuesday September 13 TBD
Thursday, December 1
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