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Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Kayak and Dog / Photo by Paul Vincent

Spring/Summer Seasonal Marketing Recap

2020 Advertising Campaign

UPDATE:  Summer campaign is subject to change due to the evolving COVID-19 travel environment.  Select promotional summer marketing is slated to run at the tail end of the Recovery Campaign effort. 

The second installment of the Find Your True North campaign is being readied for launch. Highlights of the second year include a new TV ad and radio spot, digital banner ads, rich media units, paid social posts, content partnerships, and print executions.

The successful niche strategy makes it return, targeting audiences regionally who are interested in destination golf and fishing, in addition to arts & culture. Because of the complicated nature of identifying targeting inputs for a niche as all-encompassing as arts and culture, we plan to divide into into four sub-segments: performing arts (on hold), live music (on hold), eat & drink, and fairs & festivals (on hold). Digital and social ads will be served to consumers who are passionate about one of these activities as well as other layers of targeting specific to the audience personas associated with each niche. Each niche also has an associated content partner to help extend the strategy through expert outlets. Media timing is phased based on anticipated peak travel planning windows for each activity. We will integrate artificial intelligence to deliver the appropriate ad to each person based on content and behavior indicators.

Our new spring/summer TV spot entitled ‘It’s But A Blur’ will be put in rotation with the original spots from the FYTN series. They will air on broadcast, cable TV and OTT (streaming services) in Minneapolis, Greater Minnesota, Milwaukee, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Omaha and Winnipeg. New this year is the addition of Lincoln, NE.

Additionally, the Indianapolis market will be tested as a pilot market within digital advertising. Print advertising will be featured in select issues of Delta SKY, Outside, Afar and Real Simple magazines. Content partnership with TripSavvy will deliver curated advice from travel experts specific to Minnesota. We will also experiment with a more robust effort related to Pinterest and deepen our activity on YouTube.

New campaign photography and video will appear throughout advertising placements, the all-new, annual Travel Guide, partnership advertising and other communications pieces to persuade consumers to make Minnesota their top choice in their upcoming travel plans.

Other seasonal initiatives include:

For a full breakdown of the spring/summer media plan, download the PDF flowchart (subject to change).
It's But A Blur
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Summertime in the True North is a state of mind. It’s filled with a sense of adventure, culture and curiosity. It isn’t a compass direction or a specific place on the map; it's individual moments of awe that lead to self-discovery through destinations and the journey between them. Minnesota invites you to discover something new in the world and within yourself. No matter which route you take, they can all lead to your True North.
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