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Mission and Goals

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To be a top 10 destination for extraordinary travel in all four seasons. 


We support Minnesota's economy and promote sustainable travel by welcoming all to experience our diverse cultures and destinations through innovative marketing, industry partnerships and unique storytelling. 


We lead Minnesota's travel industry by collaborating with partners and stakeholders to market our state for the economic benefit of all Minnesotans. 


  • Teamwork. We collaborate, harnessing unique talents and strengths, to share the workload and trust each other to deliver the best results.
  • Creativity. We challenge the status quo, find innovative ways to solve problems and use our talents for the benefit of Minnesota's visitor economy. 
  • Agility. We remove roadblocks and respond quickly to new opportunities; we are nimble and dynamic. 
  • Inclusivity. We welcome all, respect individuality, treat each other with dignity, and seek to ensure a safe, inclusive and equitable environment at Explore Minnesota 


  • Grow Minnesota's Visitor Economy
  • Create a Welcoming Experience for All Visitors 
  • Maximize Partner and Stakeholder Leadership and Collaboration 
  • Foster Destination Stewardship 
  • Ensure Organizational Excellence 
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