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Mission and Goals

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To elevate Minnesota as a premier travel destination through results-driven, innovative destination marketing.


To inspire consumers and facilitate their travel to and within the state of Minnesota.


Explore Minnesota is committed to honoring the value and dignity of all individuals. Through our work, we pledge to foster an environment that respects diversity, inclusion and accessibility, so that all who travel here feel welcome.


As an organization, we value:

Diversity of all types. As a tourism destination, Minnesota offers a diverse array of destinations, activities and events. As a workplace, we value the wide array of backgrounds, opinions and work styles our employees bring to the table.

Creativity in product and problem solving. Developing creative ways to market Minnesota as an attractive destination is in everyone’s job description.

Teamwork. Every employee, as well as our peers in the Minnesota tourism industry, works together toward the same goal of promoting Minnesota as a great place to visit. Veteran and new employees collaborate and help each other succeed.

Integrity. Whether it’s a promise to travelers, our industry peers or each other, we accomplish what we set out to do and strive to exceed expectations with every project, while remaining honest and ethical no matter what.

Exceptional customer service. Our extensive library of travel information and resources is second to none, accessible to all, and always delivered with a smile.

Fun! Fewer things are more fun than traveling, and we strive to infuse that feeling into everything we do.

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