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SEGIP News and Updates

Welcome to the SEGIP News and Updates page. Here is where you can keep up to date with important and timely benefit information.

Stress less with these self-care strategies

4/6/2020 4:02:42 PM

In this time of uncertainty, it’s important to give your mental health a little extra TLC. Focusing on what you are grateful for, exercising your body, and relaxing your mind can help you stay mentally fit. Our wellbeing program offers activities that can help. Bonus, when you complete activities you can collect points that can earn you a reward next year

  • Practice mindfulness with guided courses through Whil. Focus on your mental wellbeing using the Whil program in Virgin Pulse. The three programs help you get started with meditation, building emotional intelligence, and practicing yoga. The five-minute courses are easy to fit into your schedule and can help bring mindfulness to your day.
  • Take a Journey to improve sleep or reduce stress. Get online coaching through Journeys in Virgin Pulse. Every day you will get tips that can help you build a healthy habit of your choice. Options include improving sleep, managing your stress, or finding focus. 
  • Learn how to manage stress through COVID-19 with meQuilibrium. Get daily tips from resiliency experts on how to manage uncertainty, stress and anxiety. This resource is available now through May 31 in Virgin Pulse. The activity does not earn points toward the wellbeing program reward but is a valuable resource during this stressful time.
  • Participate in an upcoming wellbeing webinar. We’re offering a series of free lunchtime webinars throughout the month that can help you manage your stress and take care of yourself. The webinars provide tips that can help you manage your stress, boost your resilience, and take on emotional upsets. Learn more about the webinars and how to register 

Get started in Virgin Pulse

To find these activities, log in to your Virgin Pulse account. Use the “Programs” tab along the top to see a complete list of all activities offered through the platform. To only find activities that count toward the wellbeing program reward, select the “Rewards” tab along the top, and select “How to earn.”


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