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SEGIP News and Updates

Welcome to the SEGIP News and Updates page. Here is where you can keep up to date with important and timely benefit information.

New Tag Along Rule Effective April 1, 2019

3/29/2019 4:07:23 PM

SEGIP now offers more flexibility in enrolling dependents for employees with a family status change—such as the birth of a new child. The new Tag Along rule allows for enrolling all eligible dependents with qualifying events starting April 1, 2019.

What does the Tag Along rule mean?  Currently, when employees experience a qualifying life event that allows enrollment outside of the annual Open Enrollment, employees are only allowed to enroll dependents who are affected by the life event. The Tag Along rule allows all eligible dependents to be enrolled upon a qualifying life event for enrollment. In the example of the birth of a new child, the employee will now be allowed to enroll the newborn, their spouse, and all other eligible children.

More information about qualifying life events is available on our website or contact SEGIP at 651-355-0100.

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