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Coming soon: New EAP provider

Starting April 14, LifeMatters will provide EAP services for you and your family members. Please continue to use Deer Oaks until this time. Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible. If you are working with a counselor, you can keep working with your counselor. After April 30 you will need to contact LifeMatters to re-establish the service.

Employee Assistance Program

The State of Minnesota offers two Employee Assistance Programs (EAP): Work/Life Counseling for work and personal life matters, and Organizational Health for leadership and workplace consultation.

Work/Life Counseling

Get 24/7 access to expert, personal consultation on a wide range of concerns, from financial and legal matters to relationship challenges and family problems.

Organizational Health

EAP Organizational Health provides leadership and workplace consultation.

Due to COVID-19 the Organizational Health Team is working remotely. Virtual services are available.

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