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4 Holidays to Celebrate in May

5/18/2022 1:23:40 PM

From Asian American Heritage Month to Older Minnesotans Month, there’s lots to celebrate in May! 

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Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AANHPI)

AANHPI Heritage Month celebrates the many generations, histories, joys, and cultures of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders. 

Asian Americans have distinct cultural roots and are far from being a monolith. AANHPI Minnesotans are Hmong, Vietnamese, Asian Indian, Chinese, Burmese, Korean, Cambodian, Filipino, Laotian, Japanese, and/or belong to other ethnic groups.

This month reminds us to forge community bonds and continue to work intentionally to end racism and xenophobia in Minnesota.

Jewish American Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month celebrates the experiences, rich heritage, faith, and traditions of Jewish Minnesotans. This month also underscores the fact that discrimination against the Jewish community is still prevalent.

We can and must all continue the work of building a state free from antisemitism.

Older Minnesotans Month

Age discrimination has no home in Minnesota. Older Minnesotans Month highlights the importance of ending ageism. Minnesota’s civil rights law prohibits age discrimination in employment and education. 

Every Minnesotan has a role in building an age inclusive community. To do this, we must be intentional and ensure that policies, practices, and biases don’t perpetuate ageism. Read about our 2021 settlement with an employer who fired an employee because of her age.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is about take steps to create safe, accessible spaces where people with mental illnesses can live free from discrimination.

People who live with mental illnesses are often met with stigma. This is especially true for people with disabilities who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, transgender, and women who experience intersectional discrimination, which targets multiple areas of their identities.

Disability discrimination is prohibited under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. The law also covers service and emotional support animals, which play essential roles for people with mental disabilities.

Up Next: June Awareness Days

Mark your calendars for some upcoming June awareness days which include, but are not limited to: Pride Month, Immigrant Heritage Month, and Juneteenth.

While we celebrate these awareness holidays, we also recognize that discrimination in many forms persists and is pervasive. It takes all of us to continue creating an inclusive environment where Minnesotans of different races, faiths, nationalities, disabilities, and ages can thrive and live with dignity.

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