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CSL Plasma's Pattern of Discrimination

Transgender and non-binary Minnesotans have the right to donate plasma without being turned away because of their gender identity. However, CSL Plasma, the world's largest collector of human plasma, denied two Minnesotans from donating because of their gender identity.

Charged with enforcing the Minnesota Human Rights Act, the Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR) sued CSL Plasma. In 2021, MDHR filed a consent decree after suing CSL Plasma for barring a transgender woman and a non-binary Minnesotan from donating plasma. In 2023, MDHR announced that CSL Plasma had successfully implemented the changes required in the consent decree so that transgender and non-binary Minnesotans can donate plasma without being turned away because of their gender identity.

Our consent decree provided CSL Plasma with the tools and framework needed to root out discriminatory practices from its business.

CSL Plasma timeline (jpeg)


  • Alice, a transgender women, began donating plasma in Duluth.
  • CSL Plasma required Alice to mark male on her intake form. 


  • CSL Plasma stopped Alice from donating when she marked female, consistent with her gender identity.


  • Alice filed a charge of discrimination with MDHR.


  • MDHR found probable cause that CSL Plasma discriminated against Alice.


  • CSL Plasma refused to work with MDHR to settle the case.
  • CSL Plasma continued to discriminate against Alice when she tried to donate in Minneapolis.


  • MDHR sued CSL plasma for violating the Minnesota Human Rights Act.
  • CSL Plasma claims they updated their policies.
  • CSL Plasma discriminated again on the basis on gender identity. This time against Charlie, who is non-binary.
  • MDHR amended its lawsuit against CSL Plasma for continuing to discriminate on the basis of gender identity.


  • Case continues to be litigated in court. 


  • MDHR obtained a successful resolution of the lawsuit in court. As a result, CSL Plasma cannot prohibit Minnesotans from donating plasma solely because of their gender identity.


  • MDHR announced successful end of consent decree with CSL Plasma. After suing for gender identity discrimination, state determines company no longer discriminates against transgender and non-binary Minnesotans.
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