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Your Rights

MDHR's Role

MDHR receives complaints of discrimination, conducts investigations and then makes a determination based on the evidence. 

  • We act as a neutral enforcement agency when investigating charges of discrimination until "probable cause" is established. 

  • Then, we attempt to negotiate settlement.

  • If unsuccessful, we may refer matter to office of Minnesota attorney general for litigation. Find out more about our Complaint Handling Process here.

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What is Illegal Discrimination

The most common form of unlawful discrimination occurs when people are treated differently because of a protected characteristic. Learn more about who and what is protected here. 

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Who is Protected?

The Minnesota Human Rights Act protects everyone in Minnesota because everyone has a race, sex, and many of the other characteristics that are covered.

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What is Protected?

The Minnesota Human Rights Act is the state's comprehensive civil rights law that prohibits discrimination in business, credit, education, employment, housing, public accommodations and public services.

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The Minnesota Human Rights Act

MDHR enforces the Minnesota Human Rights Act, which is a state law prohibiting discrimination in Minnesota. Every person in Minnesota is protected by the Human Rights Act.

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MDHR Fact Sheets

These fact sheets serve as overview to prohibited practices as defined by the Minnesota Human Rights Act. MDHR Fact Sheets are translated in Hmong  Spanish  and Somali.

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Jurisdiction Chart

Jurisdiction Chart: How the Human Rights Act Protects Everyone in Minnesota

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