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Employer Fired Employee for Taking Parental Leave

12/15/2020 9:13:57 AM

 Kimberly's Quote
A few weeks into her maternity leave, Kimberly’s employer informed her that they eliminated her position because of a reorganization.
Kimberly believed, and our investigation later confirmed, she was not fired because of a reorganization.
Kimberly was fired because she took maternity leave.
Our Department’s investigation uncovered credible evidence that the owner said, “It’s not my problem that she decided to go and get pregnant.”
Firing Kimberly violated the Minnesota Human Rights Act. Our settlement agreement requires the employer to change their policies and procedures to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace.  
The agreement requires the employer to follow the law by adopting a parental leave policy that provides all employees with 12 weeks of parental leave. It goes even further by requiring the employer to provide four weeks of paid leave.
The employer is also required to pay Kimberly $25,000.

Pregnancy Discrimination is Pervasive

Pregnancy discrimination is prohibited under the Minnesota Human Rights Act yet remains a widespread problem.
Pregnancy discrimination has serious consequences for people who are pregnant and their families. Not only do they risk losing their income, but they may also lose health insurance at a critical time.
No one should be discriminated against because they are pregnant, a parent, or caregivers.
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