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Civil Rights Updates

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Minnesota Department of Human Rights Partners with Minnesota Department of Transportation to Build a Thriving Minnesota

4/24/2020 10:15:50 AM

Every Minnesotan should have the opportunity to live with dignity and joy, free from discrimination.

That’s why the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and the Minnesota Department of Transportation are working together to ensure the state is enforcing state and federal anti-discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity laws.

The two agencies signed an inter-agency agreement earlier this month that enables greater collaboration on contractor compliance for state-funded highway heavy construction projects, leveraging both agencies’ expertise in order to intentionally dismantle disparities and inequities.

This agreement allows both agencies to collaborate on state-funded highway heavy projects to:

  • Ensure contractors are making good faith efforts to meet Workforce Participation Goals to hire and retain people of color and women;
  • Enforce equal pay laws so that women and men are paid the same for equal work;
  • Work to make sure sites are inclusive and equitable;
  • Investigate claims of discrimination; and
  • Share relevant information and data so that enforcement is strategic and impactful.

The two agencies are looking forward to this deeper coordination. If you have questions or would like more information, email

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