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Diverse group of people stand together

Connect with Our Office

Take the First Step by Consulting with an Investigator

When you contact the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, you will speak with one of MDHR's investigators about whether your concern is covered by the Minnesota Human Rights Act. If your situation is covered by the Act, staff may recommend a variety of options including training, mediation, or drafting a charge of discrimination.

  • There is no filing fee to draft a charge.
  • You have one year from the date of the alleged discrimination to file a charge.
  • An attorney is not required to file a charge though some people do hire an attorney.
  • Learn more about MDHR's role and your rights.
  • Learn more about filing a complaint.

To speak with someone about your rights under the Minnesota Human Rights Act or to connect with someone in our office, contact us.


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First Step

The Department of Human Rights will accept for filing any jurisdictional charge drafted by an attorney as long as the attorney also signs the charge form and provides their registration number.

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Your Options

Explore your options for filing a complaint with MDHR and other agencies.

Diverse group of people stand together

Connect with Our Office

If you have questions about civil rights or believe you have been discriminated against, contact the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

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What Happens Next

This chart shows the basic steps in complaint processing at MDHR.

A text version of the chart is available here.

Download Complaint Handling Chart (126kb)

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