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Equal Pay Certificate

An Equal Pay Certificate requires employers to pay men and women equal wages for equal work. The certificate must be obtained through the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

The Equal Pay Certificate application includes an online form and payment of $150. The certificate is valid for 4 years. The law regarding Equal Pay Certificates can be found in the Minnesota Human Rights Act at Minn. Stat. §363A.44.

Questions? Please email us at or call us at 651-539-1095.


A business with 40 or more employees must have an Equal Pay Certificate before executing a contract that is likely to exceed $500,000 with the State of Minnesota and/or metropolitan agencies.

If a business meets the criteria below, it will need to apply for an Equal Pay Certificate:

  • Business size: 40 or more full-time employees in Minnesota or in the state of its primary place of business, for at least one day in the 12 months prior to executing the contract.

  • Contracting Entities: Contracts with Minnesota state departments and agencies, the Metropolitan Council, the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority, the Metropolitan Airports Commission, and the Metropolitan Mosquito Control Commission

  • Contract dollar amount: A contract for goods and services likely to exceed $500,000.

Steps to Apply or Renew

Step 1: Read the Requirements

Confirm you meet all the requirements before applying.

If you are unsure if you qualify, please contact us before completing an application.

The FAQs below provide additional information as well.

Step 2: Complete the Application 


At the end of the application, you will be required to confirm proof of payment.

If paying online, complete Step 3 before submitting the application so you can enter your online payment confirmation number.

If paying by check, you will need to enter the check number, name on check, and address on the check in the application.

Step 3: Make an Online Payment

The fee for an Equal Pay Certificate is $150, and the certificate is valid for four years. After paying online, you will receive your online payment confirmation number to enter in the application.

If paying by check, make payable to the “Minnesota Department of Human Rights” and note “Equal Pay Certificate” in the check memo. Send the check to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, ATTN: Office of Equity and Inclusion for Minnesota Businesses.

Frequent Asked Questions

Do I need a Certificate of Equal pay for each contract I am awarded?

No. An Equal Pay Certificate is valid for 4 years and covers all contracts awarded from the state and/or metropolitan agencies. Equal Pay Certificates are tied to the business, not the contract.

Our primary place of business is outside of Minnesota. Our business employs 40 or more full-time employees, but they are located outside of Minnesota. I have been awarded a contract of $500,000 or more with the State of Minnesota. Does my business need to have an Equal Pay Certificate?

Yes. Your business must obtain an Equal Pay Certificate because the business employs more than 40 employees in the state of its primary place of business and the contract is $500,000 or more.

I have been awarded a contract with the State of Minnesota. At what point do I need to secure an Equal Pay Certificate?

Prior to executing a contract with the state or metropolitan agencies, your business must secure an Equal Pay Certificate. The certificate needs to be renewed, if necessary, for the duration of the contract.

Who must sign our equal pay compliance statement?

The equal pay compliance statement must be signed by the Chief Executive Officer or Chairperson of the Board.

My Equal Pay Certificate was suspended due to non-compliance, but I continue to have a contract with the state. What do I need to know?

A suspended Equal Pay Certificate may result in your business’ inability to receive payment for goods and services under the current contract and may negatively impact your ability to secure future contracts with the state or metropolitan agencies.

Do I need to obtain an Equal Pay Certificate if I have a contract with the State Board of Investment?

Maybe. The Women's Economic Security Act exempts some, but not all, contracts between contractors and the State Board of Investment. If you are a contractor subject to having a Workforce Certificate from the Department of Human Rights, you are subject to also obtaining an Equal Pay Certificate from the Department of Human Rights if your agreement is $500,000 or more. Please contact the State Board of Investment for more information.

Do I need to obtain an Equal Pay Certificate if I have a contract with the State of Minnesota to provide services to vulnerable individuals under Minn. Stat. section 256B?

Maybe. The Women's Economic Security Act exempts businesses that have a license, certification, registration, provider agreement or provider enrollment contract to provide goods and services to individuals under chapters 43A, 62A, 62C, 62D, 62E, 256B, 256I, 256L, and 268A.

Audit Information

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights periodically conducts audits of its Equal Pay Certificate holders. For more information about Equal Pay audits, please refer to Minnesota Statute § 363a.44 Subd. 8.

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