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Responding to an Audit Letter

The Department schedules workforce audits of all contractors with equal pay and workforce certificates to determine whether the contractor is implementing certificate requirements and should retain its certificate. Contractors can expect to be audited at some point in time during their certificate period. When you receive a MDHR Audit Letter, the Department is asking you to provide responses to the questions in this letter within 30 days of the date of this letter consistent with its responsibility under Minnesota law to ensure that certified contractors are providing equal employment opportunities. The Department treats all information provided in response to this request as human rights investigative data; confidential data on individuals or protected nonpublic data. 

Can I send the response electronically?

You may send your responses to the Department at by email.  Please include “equal pay audit” or “workforce audit” as appropriate in the subject line of your email and use a separate .pdf file for each response you provide to each question.

Can I mail response?

Alternatively, you may mail your response to this address:

Minnesota Department of Human Rights

540 Fairview Ave N,

Suite 201

Saint Paul, MN, 55104

Please include “equal pay audit” or “workforce audit” as appropriate in your subject line of your cover letter and use dividers to separate your response to each question.  Please do not staple, three-hole punch or bind your documents.


If you have any questions about this correspondence or need additional time to provide your response, please feel free to contact the Department at (651) 539-1095. 

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