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Shared Administrator

Current Minnesota law allows facilities to share administrators to fulfill the federal requirement for a licensed administrator. Our state pioneered this approach in an attempt to acknowledge the need for facility flexibility with different leadership models in creating lierse campuses serving elders, while maintaining the federal requirement. The board is firm in advocating for the campus leadership skill set required of a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. This law was not created to encourage a reduction in Administration expense or to circumvent the LNHA licensure process. Leadership sets the environment for both staff and residents in creating quality environments. A LNHA cannot impact the environment if they are not visible. The board needs to assure the public that licensees do not hang their license on the wall to meet a regulation, rather, that they engage in models of leadership that promote quality outcomes. The licensee must maintain a sufficient onsite presence and is ultimately responsible for the operations of the facility.

To assist the licensee in meeting the boards expectations, the attached laws offer additional direction:

If MDH annual surveys or complaint investigations focus on administration, the Standards of Practice Committee of the board will request your policies and procedures on delegation of authority, as required in Minn. Stat. 144A.04. The board expects the signature of the Administrator of Record/Appointed Authority (per your Provider Agreement), on the CMS 2567, on all formal Minnesota Department of Health correspondence and complaint investigations to assure that you are effectively managing the facility. The board also requires you to abide with Minnesota Rules 4658.0060 which list current expectations.

Minnesotaauthored this landmark leadership model recognizing the different models of administrative leadership approaches and management systems. Rigid, disciplined models of regulation become law when negative outcomes regularly occur in practice. BENHA must assure the public that residents are effectively served through qualified, innovative, resident focused administrators.

A duplicate license must be granted by the board office to post in a conspicuous location at the second facility. A $10.00 processing fee is required.

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