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Preceptor Resources

The purpose of a Preceptor- The preceptor is your mentor and your teacher, and will show you how to deal with situations, manage people, work with governing bodies and organizations; and teach how to be an effective HSE.

Preceptor Qualifications:

  • licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA) or
  • licensed health services executive (LHSE); and
  • practicing for at least two years
  • A preceptor may not supervise a student who is a related individual or who resides in the immediate household of the preceptor

The purpose of the faculty advisor

The faculty advisor shall work cooperatively with the preceptor to review results of student practicum experiences in the preceptor's facility. The faculty advisor shall consult periodically with each student enrolled in the practicum to review the student's experience and assist the student in relating the facility practicum experience to the other required academic courses.

For additional information on the AIT/Preceptor training tools, visit Preceptor Training Modules and AIT Program Manual.

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