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Requirements for Nursing Home Administrator Licensure

The board shall issue an individual license to practice as a nursing home administrator in Minnesota upon determining that the individual:

  • Filed a completed application with BELTSS in the online portal for licensure
  • Has successfully completed a criminal background check
  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree:
  • A practicum must be completed for academic credit through the approved program academic institution at a licensed nursing home under the direction of a licensed nursing home administrator.
  • Pass the National (NAB) Core and NHA Line of Service (LOS) examination.
  • Pass the State examination.

Minnesota will waive its requirement for completion of academic courses in 9 specified areas for persons who hold licenses in other states who can show that they have actively and effectively practiced as an administrator in one or more nursing facilities within a single jurisdiction (state) for two continuous years within the immediate past five years.

A person who holds a current NHA license in another state and holds current certification as an NHA from the American College of Health Care Administrators may also have the course requirements waived. Information about eligibility requirements to obtain certification can be found on the ACHCA web site.

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