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License Verification for Other States

A Minnesota licensee seeking licensure in another state will generally need to have BELTSS furnish the other state information about his/her license in Minnesota when it was first granted, what qualifications were met, NAB exam scores, whether discipline has ever been imposed, etc. BELTSS will provide this information, authenticated with the official seal of the board as is usually required by other states, for a $30 fee. Licensees requesting this service should visit the Verify a License Page on our website to process the request using a credit or debit card. Licensees who have been expired for more than 5 years must mail their request and check (payable to MN-BELTSS) with a note naming the state to which the Minnesota verification is to be sent.

Primary source verification to another state or licensing jurisdiction is a paid service. Licensees who simply need to search for their credentials (perhaps to verify a successful renewal or date of initial licensure, or to verify status for their employer) may also do so online by clicking Licensee Search on the Verify a License Page.

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