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Continuing Education for License Renewal



All NHA & HSE licensees must present 20 credits of continuing education to qualify for license renewal. See the NEW HSE & NHA licensee exception below.

HSE and NHA licensees should count credits for workshops and activities completed between LAST May 1 and this April 30. Credits earned after April 30 this year may be used to meet your required number of clock hours, but cannot be carried over from year to year, nor can those used for renewal last year be used again for this year’s renewal. Pre-May 1 last year hours may NOT be used for this year’s renewal.

Licensees who were newly licensed during the past year were notified then of the number of CE credits they need to complete, based on the percentage of the full year for which they were licensed. See the personalized information at the end of the letter sent with your initial license.

ALD CEU Audits

All ALD licensee must present 30 credits of continuing education every two years to qualify for license renewal. More information on ALD renewals to will be posted at a later date.

HSE & NHA CEU Audits

The BELTSS database randomly chooses individual audits. All paper renewals are audited. We are required to audit at least 5% of all renewals.

After June 1, all paper renewals are audited. We reserve the right to contact for audit any licensee whose application shows potentially questionable program content or hour calculations.

If you are submitting your paper renewal after June 1, enclose copies of your certificates verifying your continuing education credits. Your renewal will be delayed if we must request them from you.

If your renewal application is selected for audit, we will contact you by email. Within 15 days, you will need to provide copies of your certificates of attendance and other documentation supporting the CE credits you have claimed. Licensees who have inaccurately calculated clock hours, and have too few, will be required to complete additional CE clock hours to meet requirements in board rules.

Recording Your CEU Credits

The Continuing Education section of the renewal application (paper and online) provides space to record the CE credits you earned since the last renewal cycle. Record the types of CE credits you have earned in the appropriate sections of the form. See the excerpt from board rules at our website to check how many CE credits are available for activities other than traditional workshops and programs. Check our website for a listing of board approved CE programs and their approval numbers at We also accept CE approved by NAB or other state NHA boards.

You may not renew online if you have continuing education courses that have not been pre-approved by MN-BELTSS, NAB/NCERS, or another state LNHA board. See non-approved courses for directions. Get approved before you attempt online renewal using the approval application. Complete using YOUR contact information, not the CE vendors.

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