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Acting Permits

If you decide to hire an acting administrator, here are the requirements to obtain an acting permit:

  • File an application for an acting permit with the verification request from the facility owner/appointing authority with BENHA. Include a check for $350 payable to "BENHA" ($250: acting permit, $100: state exam.) Print the Application form at left.
  • Appointee must be at least 21 years old.
  • Appointee must have experience in management or supervision in a nursing home or related health care operation in the same jurisdiction for two of the past five years or have completed at least half of the requirements for full licensure as a nursing home administrator.
  • Appointee must pay the $75 fee for and pass the 34-item, multiple-choice, open-book State exam on Minnesota nursing home laws and rules. The exam is given at the Board office, with 1:20 time limit.
  • All fees are nonrefundable.
  • To obtain study materials click the State Exam link at left. You may also obtain our brochure “Hiring and Retaining a Nursing Home Administrator for Your Minnesota Nursing Facility” by clicking the Acting Permit Q&A at left.

An acting administrator permit is limited to 6 months and cannot be renewed. Within 6 months from the termination of your previous licensed administrator, you must have another fully licensed administrator hired and working at your facility. See federal regulation 42CFR 431.710.

When hiring a permanent administrator:

  • Check your intended appointee’s qualifications with BENHA to be sure that s/he is eligible to become fully licensed as an administrator in Minnesota within the time your facility has available to make an appointment of a fully licensed administrator. Do not assume that any person holding an administrator’s license in another state or taking courses to meet BENHA requirements will automatically qualify for licensure.

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