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Licensee Responsibilities

Board rules place the following requirements upon all licensees:

  • Notify the Board within 5 working days of:
    • Any change in mailing address or phone number. The Board prefers that licensees, who are administrators/directors of facilities, use their facility address and phone number, but this is not mandatory. You may log in to your user account online or email the board with address, phone number, and email changes.
    • Any change in employment as an administrator/director. This information is required so the board may know which licensee was responsible for a facility during the time period related to a complaint. Thus you need to let the board office know when: a) you become the administrator of a facility, b) you cease being the administrator of a facility, and c) you leave a position as administrator of one facility and become the administrator at another.  You may log in to your user account online or email the board with facility employment information changes.
    • Any disciplinary action or the bringing of charges against any license you hold as a nursing home administrator, assisted living director or other health care professional in Minnesota or any other jurisdiction. Provide this information to the board in writing.
  • Cooperate with the board by providing information and/or appearing before the board on request.
  • Display your license in a conspicuous place in the facility if you are the administrator/director of a facility.
  • Renew your license annually, presenting evidence of completion of continuing education requirements and paying annual renewal fees.
  • Practice in accord with statutes and rules and good professional standards and without engaging in activities for which the board is authorized to take disciplinary action under its rules.
  • Comply with state statutes and rules concerning licensure and nursing/ ALD facility operation. The following, while not an exhaustive list, includes the most often consulted laws, rules, and regulations that have an impact on nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and their administrators:
    • Statutes of the Board of Executives for Long-Term Services and Supports - MS 144A.18-28.
    • Rules of the Board of Executives for Long-Term Services and Supports - Minn. Rules Chapter 6400.
    • Statutes of the Minnesota Department of Health MS 144.411-417, 144.651-657, 144A.01-33 and 51-611.
    • Rules of the Minnesota Department of Health; Minn. Rules 4605.7030 and 7040, 4620, 4638, and all of Chapter 4658
    • The Vulnerable Adult Act MS 626.557
    • Rules of the Board of Pharmacy Minn. Rules Chapter 6800.6100 6700
    • Statutes of the practice acts of various health licensing boards that require nursing home administrators (because they are subject to provisions of Minn. Stat. 214) to report adverse employment actions taken against licensees of the boards, e.g. Nurses MS 148.263, Chiropractors MS 148.102 subd. 2, Marriage and Family Therapists MS 148B.07 subd. 4, Social Workers MS 148B.283 subd. 4, Podiatrists MS 153.24 subd. 3 and Physicians MS 147.111 subd. 4.
    • Statutes governing examining and licensing boards, particularly concerning the handling of complaints MS Chapter 214.
  • Information about the MDH Assisted Living Licensure is available here.

In addition to state statutes and rules, nursing facilities must comply with a host of federal laws and regulations. Administrators are advised to review the following websites for links to federal regulations.

For a more detailed list of federal links, access the website of the Minnesota Health and Housing Alliance.

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