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Continuing Education Requirements

Approval of CE Programs by BENHA and NAB/NCERS

Minnesota BENHA accepts all CE programs approved by other state NHA boards or NAB through their NCERS program. BENHA pre-approves CE programs(May 1 to April 30) for license renewal. An approval number is assigned by the board office to help simplify your annual renewal process. An approval number followed by a P signifies the program is not open to the public, but has limited attendance to a specific facility/organization or is for a specific licensee. These programs are not included in our online list. If your program is not present on the pre-approved CE listing (found on the homepage under the Continuing Education header), you may submit the content for approval by filling out the CE Provider Approval Application and submitting it to the office with the coinciding fee found on page two of the form.

Continuing Education Links 

20 CE credits are required for annual renewal, excluding newly licensed administrators. CE sessions after April 30 are acceptable, but you cannot use a course for renewal in the following year. Minnesota Rules (see 6400.6800 and 6400.6850)and the NAB Domains of Practice document are used to determine whether CE is approved. Copies of your certificates will be required if your renewal is audited - more detailed info is given with renewal instructions each year.Licensees are required to retain their original CE certificates for four years.Certificates, etc., that are sent to the Board office are not saved or returned.

Newly Licensed Administrators Requiring Fewer Than 20 CE Clock Hours

The letter sent with your initial license indicates your licensure date and the number of prorated CE clock hours required to be earned and reported on your first renewal. When preparing to renew, it is recommended that administrators review the instructions for submitting CE credits.

CE Credit for Activities Other Than Traditional Workshops and Programs

Academic course work at an accredited post-secondary institution,articles written on a topic related to long term care and published in a national periodical, presenting a paper or lecture at a state-wide meeting or academic institution, serving as a preceptor, or a member of a board, committee, council or group that deals primarily with issues in nursing facility operation or long term care may all be acceptable activities to meet continuing education requirements for license renewal. For more information, review the CE credit rules (6400.6800).

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