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Board Actions

Corrective Action:

This Agreement is a contract between the Complaint Review Committee and the respondent (individual under investigation) in which the respondent agrees to take certain remedial action, usually educational, to correct problems identified in the Complaint Review process. Corrective Action is not disciplinary action, but it is a public document. The Agreement is ratified by the Committee chair and does not require action by the full Board. After the terms of the Agreement have been fulfilled to the Committees satisfaction, the investigation is closed and a public closing letter is sent to the Licensee.

Stipulation and Order:

The Stipulation is an agreement between the respondent and the Complaint Review Committee in which the respondent agrees that certain restrictions should be imposed on their license as a result of the Committee having identified areas in which the respondent violated the Physical Therapy Practice Act. The Order implements the terms of the Stipulation. The Order is issued by the full Board when it has reviewed and ratified the Stipulation between the Complaint Review Committee and the respondent.


Subp. 2. Actions. If grounds for disciplinary action exist under subpart 1, the board shall take one or more of the following actions:
A. refuse to grant a permit;
B. refuse to grant or renew a license;
C. revoke a license or permit;
D. suspend a license or permit;
E. impose limitations or conditions on a license or permit;
F. censure or reprimand the licensee or permit holder;
G. refuse to permit an applicant to take the licensure examination or refuse to release an applicant's examination score; or
H. any other action authorized by statute

Public Corrective and Disciplinary Actions

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