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Notice to Potential Applicants

Minnesota BELTSS requires academic preparation in LONG TERM SERVICES AND SUPPORTS core knowledge, skills, and abilities. This review is an evaluation of courses completed at an educational institution not previously reviewed by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) or MN BELTSS. This form is used to determine if not-previously-reviewed courses have met the minimum requirements in Minnesota State Statute and Rules for the practice of Nursing Home Administration.  
For individuals considering a comprehensive career path, it is in your best interest as a professional to complete all requirements for the academic track through Minnesota and NAB Accredited Colleges.  The college/university programs approved by BELTSS and NAB have undergone a rigorous review process to ensure students are exposed to contemporary practice in Long Term Services and Supports.  
The objective of this review is to determine if content previously completed meets the specific guidelines set in Minnesota State Laws and Rules.  The Board allows for a review of previous course work however, completion of non-accredited college courses is rarely accepted for specific LTCSS courses (5, 7 Regulations, and 8).
Courses determined to be necessary following the completion of your review must be taken from programs preapproved by MN BELTSS or the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB). The full list of preapproved educational institutions can be found on the Board website.

To complete the request for education and experience review prior to applying for licensure:

Download the Review of Education and Experience form--Note: it is important to review this form thoroughly prior to submission 
Gather the following to submit with your application:
  • Transcript showing at minimum a Bachelors’ Degree
  • Course descriptions/syllabi for each academic course submitted on the review
If your education was completed over 7 years ago, submit the following:  
  • Copies of continuing education certificates or work experience
If you are requesting a reduction or waiver of practicum, submit: 
  • Resume (since college)  
  • Employment verification, organizational chart, and position description from your most recent employer
It is important to know:
  • The review fee is $75
  • The review file is open for 12 months from the date received by our office
  • An applicant must apply (by paper) for licensure within that 12-month window to be eligible for the reduced licensure application rate ($75)
  • When submitted, the application for licensure is open for 18 months (a year and a half)
  • Upon receipt of the application, information to sit for the state and national examinations will be provided to you.
  • The Board office communicates with applicants primarily by email
  • We update applicants when new supporting documents are received
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